10 Days of Gluten-Free, Shopping Day 2

Eating gluten-free can significantly improve one’s quality of life and overall health. However, getting started eating gluten-free is not always easy and can often be challenging in our gluten-filled society.

My French husband grew up on baguettes, pasta and lots of crackers. Although he doesn’t eat this way anymore, he still likes to have good food on hand when he’s ready for a meal or satisfying snack. Between my ravenous husband and my two growing kids, having tasty gluten-free snacks on hand is a necessity.  I find that having a pantry and kitchen filled with gluten-free food makes life easier for the whole family.

For Day 2 of Gluten-Free Shopping, I am going to teach you a few tricks I have learned along the way  about gluten-free shopping.

First and most importantly, REAL FOOD is most likely to be gluten-free. Manufacturers tend to add in hidden sources of gluten when turning food into a processed product. With the exception of whole gluten grains, a food that has not been processed is likely naturally gluten-free. For example, beans, eggs, dairy, fish, meat, poultry, nuts, produce and spices are free of gluten if they have not been altered by processing. Here are some tips to watch out for:

Be wary of pre-cut meat and pre-sliced fruit and veggies found at your grocery store deli. Although they are most likely free from any gluten contact, you will want to ask the deli employee or supervisor to make sure  they haven’t been cross-contaminated  with any other ingredients and that the meat slicer is cleaned after each cut. As far as packaged “meat,” I personally avoid veggie burgers as they are usually made with wheat. Avoid imitation seafood products, such as fake crab, as they generally contain gluten, also.


Eggs are a wonderful source of protein. If you purchase egg substitutes, check the labels to make sure there are no added fillers. Make sure the spices you purchase contain only herbs and no agents containing gluten to prevent clumping.  You will want to avoid grain and malt vinegars which are derived from wheat and barley.  I generally buy apple cider vinegar, but wine vinegars are also safe.

In sum, always check the labels of processed food for added sources of gluten! Buy whole and natural foods, except for the gluten grains, and you will be on your way to a gluten-free pantry!

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  1. rsbfeet says

    I am THRILLED with this giveaway! I could NOT live without Bob’s Red Mill! It is also really nice to see you mention the importance of WHOLE foods. Lots of well meaning friends will tell me about “Gluten-Free” products they find, but the MOST important thing is that MOST whole foods are NATURALLY Gluten-Free. 🙂

  2. CindySilberBlye says

    Very helpful as I was just reviewing my list of ingredients to avoid. Thanks!

  3. pauladecaria says

    I’m all for whole foods, the way they were intended to be.  It makes life so much easier.

  4. I’d love to win the contest – I don’y ususally get to have any fo the Bob’s Red Mill things…budget cuts!

  5. TeriPiver says

    I’d love to win!  I have been GF for 3 months.  I haven’t ventured much into the GF products, just been eating real food.

  6. ufg8trj says

    great giveaway, I try to eat as purely as possible. Thanks for the tips

  7. lexiquin says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill–thanks for the giveaway! 

  8. tastiesandtrinketstabby says

    This is awesome. More reason to eat pure foods (and more ammo to help convince my hubby!)

  9. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  10. EmmaHohl says

    Thanks for the post! Eating REAL FOOD reminds me of Micheal Pollan.

  11. Melisa1 says

    Whole “real” food is always better for us anyway, so this is good news! Thanks for the tips!

  12. julesjasin says

    thanks for your help

  13. kledford65 says

    thanks for your gf tips

  14. Thanks for the tips! Always good to check processed foods for gluten.

  15. ItsYummi says

    Thanks for the great information and the chance to win this great gift card!

  16. More good tips. Thanks!

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