10 Days of Gluten-Free, Shopping Day 3

Looking for gluten-free pasta, bread, oats and more? For Day 3 of Gluten-Free Shopping, I share with you some of the best stores nationwide to shop for gluten-free items.

The most well-known stores to shop for gluten-free products are health food stores, specifically Sunflower Market, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods as well as locally owned health food stores or co-ops and Farmer’s Markets. If you happen to live near a national health food store, that can make life easier. If not, rest assured that you can still find gluten-free products in your local grocery store. Many grocery stores, list their gluten-free items as well as their gluten-free items that are on sale, on their websites. It can be worth your time, to checkout a store’s gluten-free items and deals online before going to the store so you can make a list of what you need and have an idea of what the items will cost you.

If your local grocery store does not carry gluten-free products or specific products you want or need, don’t be afraid to speak up! The grocery store near my house did not offer many gluten-free items or organic produce so I informed an employee who then let me speak to the manager. I shop there often because it is convenient. I explained that I will have to do my shopping elsewhere  if some of the products I need are not offered that their competitors sell. Low and behold, there is now a small gluten-free section in the store as well as an organic produce section that has been added. I’m quite content now! Smile You can also go to the store’s website and submit feedback of products that you feel should be added to their aisles.

Here is a list of stores that list gluten-free products on their websites:
Are there local stores near you not on this list? Be sure to come back tomorrow where I discuss the best places I have found to shop online for gluten-free products!

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  1. EmmaHohl says

    Thanks for the info! I also shop at Meijer which has a good selection of Meijer brand organics which makes it convenient to shop all at one place for most of my groceries.

  2. pauladecaria says

    I definitely have learned to speak up to get what I want at local grocery stores.  I’ve also learned that most of them will order a case of the product for me and even give me a discount if I buy the whole case…and I’m definitely willing to buy in bulk.

  3. tastiesandtrinketstabby says

    I so miss Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods. I have to make special requests at the commissary for a lot of GF items or just go without. :/

  4. KristiJonesDuda says

    Thanks for the great list! My son was diagnosed with celiac disease about a year and a half ago and since then has also been diagnosed with a soy allergy, mild allergy and – just last week – a corn allergy. Going to the grocery store is like torture these days, but I’m sure we will adapt to the lack of corn just like we have adapted to our previous restrictions. At least the grocery store are becoming aware that we can’t all eat everything they sell!

  5. Melisa1 says

    We don’t have any of those here, except a very expensive Whole Foods about an hour away.  But I’ll be back to check the online options tomorrow! Our locally owned grocery does have a small gluten-free section, but there is so much I can’t get there.

  6. CindySilberBlye says

    Love, love, love Trader Joe’s! And we shop the farmer’s markets, trying to stick to a whole foods diet. That kind of diet makes it so much easier to eat gluten-free because you know exactly what’s in your food!

  7. DeborahKing says

    For anyone in Texas who isn’t near a Whole Foods or something similar, HEB does carry a large selection of gluten free items but most aren’t very good. If you’re looking for snack food, you’re in luck. Real food, not so much.

  8. ufg8trj says

    I wish we had trader joes here! I do most of my shopping at whole foods for gf stuff.

  9. Thanks for the update on the stores that list gluten free items.  I had forgotten Kroger had a list! 🙂

  10. julesjasin says

    Thanks for the list of grocers~~

  11. kledford65 says

    thanks for your gf shopping tips

  12. Another good list of brick and mortar stores to buy GF items from. I knew about some but not all of them. Thanks! 😀

  13. ItsYummi says

    You’ve spent a lot of time putting this together. Thanks so much!

  14. Great to know. Thanks!

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