10 Days of Gluten-Free, Shopping Day 5

Would you like to add more variety to your diet? Whether you are new to eating gluten-free or just want to boggle your taste buds with new and delicious food, there are many awesome “alternative” grains and seeds available to choose from that do not contain gluten.

Here is my list of 10 Powerhouse Gluten-Free Grains:

Amaranth-This “grain” is actually a seed that is related to beets and spinach.

Buckwheat-Another seed (that is not related to wheat and does not contain gluten) that is rich in B Vitamins, magnesium, zinc and protein.

Corn-A good source of fiber and protein.

Millet-A grass that is very easily digested.

Oats (Certified Gluten-Free)-This popular breakfast grain is a fantastic source of dietary fiber and protein.

Quinoa-A complete protein that has an abundant amount of calcium  and protein.

Brown Rice-More nutritious than white rice and is rich in fiber.

Sorghum-High in iron and fiber.

Teff-The smallest grain in the world. It is jam packed with calcium, iron, fiber and protein.

Wild Rice contains iron and protein.

The most inexpensive way to purchase these grains is often in bulk at your local grocery or health food store. The difference between bagging your own pound of rice and buying it in a packaged box can be astounding. You can easily spend twice as much for the same product if you buy it pre-packaged. It is definitely worth spending a minute bagging your own to save some of your hard earned money!

Buying in bulk from major chains such as Costco can provide significant savings as well. Whenever I go to my local Costco, I stock up on Quinoa and Wild Rice. $20 spent on rice and quinoa can last my family 3 months!

Shopping for gluten-free grains online (specifically Amazon and iHerb) saves me hundreds of dollars a year. It truly pays to shop around. Amazon offers a Subscribe and Save option (which you can cancel at anytime) that automatically saves you 15% off the product.  Here are a few grains I buy online in bulk from Amazon that I have found to be great deals:


Rolled Oats (Certified Gluten-Free)



I avoid GMO’s whenever possible. If this is something that is important to you, make sure the grains you are using are non-GMO (if it is not labeled on the package, you can call the company directly and ask or research it online).

I am excited to announce that I am giving away a $25 gift card to Bob’s Red Mill!

To enter the giveaway:

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Join me again for 10 Days of Gluten-Free on Monday where I will discuss my favorite gluten-free flours and the best prices I have found!

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  1. TeresaMarksEarp says

    Good suggestions regarding GF flours!

  2. EmmaHohl says

    Thanks for the info about GF grains!

  3. everydayvegangirl says

    I’m interested in cooking with teff…what do you do with it?

    • I love to cook with it and use it with beans or toss it in a salad. Teff flour is a favorite of mine for baking as it is so nutritious and hearty and fantastic in baked goodies like muffins, etc.

  4. gardener17 says

    Do you have to be worried about cross-contamination in bulk bins?  I’ve seen wheat flour located next to gluten-free grains and figure it has spread to them since it is so fine. 

    • Yes, you do. I buy gluten-free grains and flours only in bulk if they are far away from gluten grains and flours. I also ask the store manager if I am worried about it. If they aren’t sure of the answer, then I skip buying it in bulk as it is not worth the risk!

  5. GFHomemaker says

    I buy whole grains and make my own flour using a Wonder Mill.  I have gotten sorghum from Twin Valley Mills and Pleasant Hill Grain.  Pleasant Hill was helpful in providing information about cross contamination and did not recommend that I use their millet.
    You’re doing a great job with this topic, Laura, and I love reading what you have to share each day.

  6. pauladecaria says

    Thanks for the whole grain tips!

  7. thanks for a great list
    ufg8trj AT YAHOO

  8. PatJohnson says

    Thanks for sharing about all the GF grains.  I try to use as many of the whole grains in my baking as I can for the health benifits.

  9. julesjasin says

    Thank You for ALL your great information! I just started following your blog and I love it!

  10. Thanks for this list of gluten free alternatives.  I always get them confused. 🙂

  11. CindySilberBlye says

    Thanks! I was looking for whole grains to eat. I’d like to make a whole grain bread that is gluten free.

  12. ncallier says

    I have ordered online from Vitacost, Amazon, and Bob’s Red Mill. I still have a problem learning how to combine flours to make really good meals! I really enjoy your posts and will try to incorporate your info into my cooking / baking.

  13. thanks for the overview on gluten gree ‘grains’ I just discovered sorghum and yeah sorghum beer! Yeah!
    I love this blog series and it seems like everyone is doing their own post on each day.
    Ashley C

  14. Oh another good list of GF grains. Did not know what a powerhouse grain was until now. 😀

  15. ItsYummi says

    Thanks for the great list… .and for the giveaway, too!

  16. We love quinoa pasta but have never tried any plain quinoa. May have to branch out and try some new things!

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