10 Days of Gluten-Free, Shopping Day 9

Headed out for a party? Perhaps you want to pick up some drinks at the store to bring with you to a fun event?

If you cannot consume gluten (or choose not to) then most traditional beers must be avoided as they are derived from barley. Fortunately, a lot of companies are now making gluten-free beers from buckwheat, millet, sorghum and rice. Champagne and wine are naturally gluten-free. However, since companies can sneak in additives, I encourage you to contact the manufacturer directly to confirm that the product is gluten-free.

Many popular alcohols are gluten-free, such as gin, Japanese sake, rum, vodka (when derived from corn, potato or quinoa) and tequila. Additionally, Microbreweries are rapidly catering to the demand for gluten-free beers so be sure to check out local companies as you might find some great drinks near you!

Below is a list of  some companies that produce Gluten-free beers and spirits:

Bard’s Tale Beer

Chopin Vodka

Green’s Gluten-Free Beers

Lakefront Brewery

New Planet

FAIR Quinoa Vodka

Ramapo Valley Brewery

Redbridge Beer (produced by Anheuser-Busch)

Sprecher Brewery

St. Peter’s Brewery

If you don’t drink alcohol and avoid soda, you might want to try my Homemade Cherry “Soda” and Virgin Mojito Recipes. Happy beverage shopping! Smile

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  1. I hope everyone has a great weekend, hope I win!!!!

  2. PatJohnson says

    We do not drink any alcohol drinks so we are safe on this one.

  3. CindySilberBlye says

    No beer here! Just wine.

  4. EmilyKonradAnderson says

    Thanks for the list of GF alcoholic beverages!  That’s one thing I really feel clueless about since starting my gluten free lifestyle.  Thank you! thank you! thank you!

  5. EmmaHohl says

    I’m not much of a beer person, but I LOVE hard cider.

  6. Thankfully I don’t like beer, but I do like vodka!
    ufg8trj at yahoo dot com

  7. DeborahKing says


  8. I also love Cider by Woodchuck!

  9. My son and I both prefer good, cold ice water – always gluten free!

  10. ncallier says

    Thanks for the info! While I am mostly a wino, I am glad to know that there are other gluten free choices for socializing. All of your posts for the “10 Days of Gluten Free” have been great!!

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