Oregano: Healing Properties & Health Benefits


Welcome to Day 8 of the Herbs & Spices Summer Series!

Oregano (also known as marjoram) is one of my favorite aromatic herbs. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and rich in calcium, fiber, iron, Vitamin E, K, manganese and Omega 3 fatty acids. This small shrub grows abundantly in the Mediterranean as well as North America. Its name means “mountain joy” and it is highly regarded around the world for its medicinal properties.

The leaves of oregano can kill off the bacteria that cause food poisoning, such as E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Oregano’s high antioxidant content can help treat heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Oregano is very helpful in treating digestive issues as it encourages salivation.  Furthermore, the fiber and antioxidant content of oregano can contribute to a decreased risk of developing colon cancer. In regards to skin health, oregano leaves can eliminate age spots by reversing the hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Although I am a huge fan of fresh oregano, I love oregano oil even more. The oil is comprised of two major components-carvacrol and thymol which are antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and antiviral. Oregano oil is well known for its ability to treat candida by stopping the growth of C. albicans, which stops the yeast from growing. Additionally, many fungal infections can be successfully treated with oregano oil, including the Staphyloccus aureus infection.

Oregano oil is strong stuff. A small drop of the oil goes a long way! At the first sign of a cold, I put a drop or two of oregano oil in a large glass of warm water with lemon and drink it up. The oil tingles wherever it is put (e.g. lip, skin or throat) but that simply means it is doing its job and working hard to keep you healthy. It is potent stuff that helps keep your immune system working at an optimal level.

Here is a list of some ills that oregano oil  prevents and/or treats:


-Common Cold

-Colitis (inflammatory bowel disease)


-Heart Disease

-Parasitic Infection

-Insulin Resistance (prediabetes)

-Peridontal Disease

-Skin Disorders


Oregano is delicious on black beans, eggplant, soups, grilled meat, mushrooms, pasta, pizza, poultry, seafood and tomato sauces/dishes. I love using oregano because it is so versatile and pairs with almost anything. Please note that oregano can be strong and easily overpower a dish if you use too much. It is tasty as a rub on grilled meat or added to a homemade salad dressing recipe. Make sure you add oregano at the end of your cooking to ensure the flavor is not lost from the heat.

Whenever you can, buy fresh oregano  to get the most flavor and take advantage of all of the anti-bacterial benefits. When buying fresh oregano, make sure the leaves are bright green and do not have any dark spots on them. Fresh oregano should be stored in the refrigerator while the dried version can be kept in a tight glass container for at least 6 months. Better yet, grown your own! Check out Tessa’s post on how to grow your own culinary herbs.

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  1. thetastyalternative says:

    Hi Laura,
    I’m so glad you covered oregano!  Great job!  I love that you talked about it because it’s such a powerful, natural healer.  Okay, so, from one oil oregano using girl to another, I know what you mean by the tingle.  If you can believe it, I would drop it right under my tongue (ouch).  I did that a few times and couldn’t bear it any longer.  Powerful is right.  This stuff is crazy.  But crazy good.  First sign of any throat issues I would use it.  It helped my allergies and would eliminate my congestion.  I started putting a few drops on a piece of bread (to make it more bearable).  So I love your suggestion of just a few drops in some water with lemon.  That works for me!!  It’s fun to also make homemade capsules (I use cinnamon oil, frankincense oil, and oregano oil) – an amazing bacteria fighting combo.  And you’re right on the money with the IBD.  Oregano oil is great for Crohn’s/Colitis – I can attest this this first hand!  Excellent for gas and digestive issues.  
    Thanks for a great post, Laura.  I LOVE that we share a passion for herbs.  Fun to read what you do and how you takes yours. 

  2. GFSCDandVeggie says:

    An amazing herb and a wonderful post Laura! 

  3. janegunsul says:

    Thanks for the info!  Where do you get your oregano oil?  There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on the carvacrol amount in different brands of oils ….

    •  @janegunsul Hi there Jane! I use Vitality Works Oregano Oil and have never had a problem with using small amounts of it internally or externally. Here is the link to the product: http://www.iherb.com/Vitality-Works-Oregano-Oil-1-fl-oz-30-ml/4833 

      • janegunsul says:

         @GFPantry Thanks so much.  I had looked on IHerb, but couldn’t find it!  Thanks for the link!

  4. Very interesting.  However oregano and majoram are not exactly the same.  Majoram is in the same family but is not as strong.  
    Glad I found this through It’s a Keeper’s linky party.  I linked in a salad using leftover roast lamb.  Have a super week.

  5. GFSCDandVeggie says:

    Laura! I was recently given the Sunshine Award. I must now pass this on to ten other bloggers who creatively inspire others in blogospere.  I’ve chosen to pass this to you but please feel under no pressure to pass it to others. You can read more about this award 
    <a href=”http://glutenfreescdandveggie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-sunshine-award.html”>here</a>

  6. GFSCDandVeggie says:

    Laura! I was recently given the Sunshine Award. I must now pass this on to ten other bloggers who creatively inspire others in blogospere.  I’ve chosen to pass this to you but please feel under no pressure to pass it to others. You can read more about this award here http://glutenfreescdandveggie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-sunshine-award.html

  7. Can oregano oil help cellulitis, and how should it be used to do so?
    Three months ago I was poked with a spine or needle from a cactus in the ankle, I ‘ve had a swollen foot ankle and calf along with redness and pink color since, and it seems to have moved up my leg a few inches now. I have been to the doctor but I have so many allergies to meds he said their isn’t anything else he can give me, as I have already had two allergic reactions to medicine’s in the last few years. I need to find something natural to heal this problem. PLEASE if you know of something that can help e-mail me.
    Thankyou , wen


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