Lime and Wild Orange Essential Oil Giveaway ($32 Value)!

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As many of you may have noticed, I have started to incorporate doTerra essential oils into some of my recipes over the past few months. Why? A few reasons, but mainly they taste fantastic in homemade dishes, beverages, teas and so much more. Additionally, they are incredibly beneficial for you.

lime, giveaway, doterra, gluten free, grain free, paleo, blog

I am excited to be giving away two of my favorite essential oils for cooking and baking: Lime and Wild Orange. I have recently used these oils in my Pistachio Gelato, Orange-a-licious Smoothie and  No-Bake Key Lime Pie recipes among others.

no, bake, key, lime, pie, paleo, raw, vegan, grain free, gluten free, essential oil, doTerra

My good friend Jaime made an awesome homemade guacamole with lime essential oil and a Wild Orange Cacao Chia Pudding recently that is divine.

To enter the Giveaway, simply leave a comment letting me know what your favorite essential oil is.

The Contest will end at midnight on March 27, 2013. The winner will be selected from



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  1. Peppermint!!

  2. Lavender

  3. April0101 says:

    Coconut oil! Thanks! (ps is that an essential oil? It’s essential in my life…)

  4. I have never tried an essential oil in my recipes. I’d love to start by winning these.

  5. there are so many it’s hard to single one out. Coconut, any citrus like orange and lime, clove is just amazing.

  6. KarolJohnson says:

    I’ve never used them for cooking (didn’t even realize you could), but I love lavender essential oil for relaxation and helping with headaches.

  7. LifesDeepColors says:

    Thank you for the generous and delicious-smelling giveaway! I am new to essential oils and so far my favorite is Peppermint essential oil because it smells so happy and fresh :)

    tariqsaleemrana at yahoo dot com

  8. AngelaYer says:

    Lavender and tea tree oil are 2 I use often.

  9. lavender, peppermint, ornage and cinnamon!  I love the idea of cooking with them!

  10. cassidystauffer says:

    There are sooo many! But I think my favorites are tea tree oil, lavender, and lemon!

  11. kledford65 says:

    I had NO idea you could cook with them….I like Lavender and add it to my unscented lotions.  I also like camomile.  Would love to learn how to cook with these!

  12. cleatherwood says:

    Lime!  Love citrus

  13. Wild orange IS my favorite essential oil. I love inhaling its sweet citrus fragrance every day and almost stick it up my nose to get the full power of it! I look forward to trying some of these recipes as I never really thought about using essential oils in cooking. Fabulous idea!

  14. pukaluka says:

    I love lemon essential oil

  15. emily__lynn says:

    I LOVE orange oil. Its smell alone is incredible.

  16. I’d love to try the lime oil; that sounds great! Funny, I had lime on the brain in my own blog post today.

  17. gsmiro929 says:

    I love anything citrus.  Sweet orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit and such.

  18. amydigiacomo says:

    So far my favorite oil is On Guard. I love the cinnamon spicy scent it has.

  19. JenniferJoelleKachler says:

    I enjoy “Thieves” by Young Living Essential Oil, it’s a natural blend and smells delightful when diffused with filtered water.

  20. stacyscherr says:

    I love Orange oil – has some major ties to childhood memories for me. 😉

  21. Vanessalvscandy says:

    My favorite essential oil has to be lavender…mmmmm…..Smells amazing

  22. eabaumann says:

    My favorite essential oil is lemon. Such a rejuvenating oil!

  23. jesslynn00 says:

    Orange oil :)

  24. chrystad72 says:

    I absolutely love orange oil! Smells amazing

  25. HeatherMcCarthy says:

    Orange oil!!

  26. hard to choose but I love orange!

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